The Market share is full for this year! See you next year!

Lots of travel plans this summer?

Want to choose exactly what produce you get?

Some weeks too busy to cook at home?



Welcome to the Clarion Sage CSA MARKET SHARE!

The CSA Market Share is a hybrid of our two most popular programs--our CSA and New Market. Now, they are together, in one program, offering the best of both worlds, with more flexibility and options than ever.

How it works:

Sign-up and add money to your CSA Market Share account by putting down $125. This money is redeemable for produce all season long, when available.

Watch for emails. From May-October, we'll send a weekly email with availability and pricing. If you'd like produce that week, simply reply with your order and we'll pack your items, deducting from your initial balance. Never any minimum or commitment to order. Order what you want, when you want.

Pick-up your produce. Pick-ups will occur on Tuesdays and Fridays, at the farm. We are going to experiment with having pick-ups at centrally located areas like downtown Waukee, if there is interest.

Our convenient location makes it as quick as a trip to the grocery, but this way you get the freshest, locally-grown produce. A win-win!

NOTE: Can't pick-up? Don't have time? We offer delivery at $4 per order (within a 5 mile radius of Waukee). If you are further out or want to chat about other options, please contact us.

Sign-up for the New Market program below. Your $125 is non-refundable, however, so long as you order produce a few times (the average family of four spends $185/week on groceries), using your balance won't be an issue. Once your balance is depleted, you may pay as you go or add to your account via credit/debit card.

Availability: We have 20 spots in the CSA Market Share program. Like our other programs, specific produce availability depends on a lot of factors, including the weather. The first several weeks may be slow but we will eventually have a steady supply of greens, kale, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, potatoes, onions, herbs, apples, and winter squash. View examples of produce availability here.

Add-ons: We will occasionally partner with other local farms that share our values. We'll offer you their products as something to add-on to your order (Add-ons do do not deduct from your original balance but may be paid upon pick-up via check/cash or credit/debit card.).

You help choose what we grow. Upon registration, we will send a quick survey about what produce you'd like. We will actually make planting decisions on the results. You are buying a 'share' in this farm, so you get to help to decide exactly what we grow!


Questions? Check out our FAQ!