Program FAQ

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How Does the CSA Market Share Program work?

CSA Market Share is our new program that combines that model of 'community supported agriculture' with the convenience of a la carte buying. Members join by paying a $125 deposit. This deposit is credited to their account to use for a la carte purchases. Once the season begins (around the end of May, depending on weather), we will send out weekly emails with what is currently in-season, ripe, and ready to harvest. Members then reply with their orders, IF they want to order that week. If not, they simply wait for the next email. Some quantities are limited, and we fulfill on a first-come, first-serve basis. IF you are not able to get a certain item, we will put you at the front of the list for the next week! This wasn't generally an issue, but occasionally we'd have very limited quantities if a crop was just coming on or ending. Pick-ups are on Tuesday or Fridays, between 5-7p. We can be flexible on this if you need a different time! Delivery (within 5 miles) may be arranged for a $4 fee per order delivery. Simply include the request in your reply email. Once your $125 has been used, you may credit your account again via cred/debit card, or pay per order with check/cash.   Every year is different so it can be hard to predict specifics, but excess of some items is to be expected while shortages of others are possible.

For examples of what's been offered every week, click here.

Will I still have to shop at the grocery store?

This depends. It will vary for every family based on preferences and availability. Ideally, you will not have to buy produce at the grocery store during the season. However, unlike the grocery store, not every item is available season-long. We are aiming to have a steady (as possible) supply of staple items (potatoes, carrots), opposed to exotics (turnips, beets), but some items are nearly impossible to grow in the cold spring (big slicing tomatoes) or hot summer (broccoli). We will do our best to extend the season where we can using greenhouse and shading methods. We won’t be able to supply you with 5lbs of potatoes every week, but we will try to provide other varieties of vegetables that might take their place. For examples of what's been included in shares, click here.

What if there is a crop failure?

Crop failures can and do happen. The gardens can be fragile when it comes to weather (wind and hail are scary things for many crops) or pesky bugs that cause plant diseases or eat items before they can ripen. As far as bugs and diseases go, we don’t use any synthetic chemicals to control their progression, so sometimes there isn’t a lot that can be done. Likely, there will be some crops that will do better than others. This is part of the growing food experience–some years you get too many tomatoes, others you barely get enough. We will keep our members informed and in the case of a total and utter crop failure, we have local farmers we will be able to purchase from to supplement our supply. Full transparency is given IF/when we purchase from other farmers or offer their items for sale.

What will I receive every week?

Availability will vary based on season and weather limitations. However, our focus is to provide as many staple items as possible and as often as possible. We will keep our members informed via email and their newsletters.

Unlike a traditional CSA, in our program, you place an order only if you want to. There is no commitment to order every week.

For examples of what's been included in shares, click here.


Yes, you may. Simply include their email address under 'second email address' on the checkout form.

What if I go on vacation?

There is never a commitment to order so if you are on vacation, simply wait until you are back to order. If you'd like to set up a special pick-up time, contact us via email or text.

How is this CSA MODEL different from others?

Our CSA has grown and changed along with our customers, right now we've blended a traditional CSA model (getting a produce share every week) with an a la carte buying option to create a hybrid program. We still aim to be:

–Ultra-local in that we are aiming to only serve our immediate community.

–Our product selection is focused on staple items–while exotic items are novel our focus is on providing as much usable food as possible.

–To keep things interesting, we are growing variations on favorite items–red carrots, purple potatoes, and blue tomatoes; many of these varieties are not widely available in the United States but are prized around the world for their taste.

–By keeping our customers in our community, we hope to foster a strong connection to the farm through events, demonstrations, and opportunities to help.

–Our growing practices are 100% chemical-free in that we don’t use anything synthetic or harmful to people or the environment. We use natural and organic methods of controlling weeds and pests, even if this means occasionally losing crops to hungry bugs.


Is the produce organic?

We are not Certified Organic. We do, however, practice growing methods that are synthetic chemical-free, natural, and without any kind of inputs that would not be allowed in growing if we were Certified Organic. We have learned the history of the property and are grateful to say that the land has been in grass for the past several years and has not had any crops, pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.

We are absolutely passionate about natural and sustainable growing methods as they are not only best for people, but the environment as well. We see ourselves as stewards of the land and practice growing methods that build soil, instead of deplete it. Food safety is also a huge concern when it comes to using dangerous chemicals and we don’t believe food should be dangerous or drenched in harmful substances.

Our growing practices are 100% chemical-free in that we don’t use anything synthetic or harmful to people or the environment. We use natural and organic methods of controlling weeds and pests, even if this means occasionally losing crops to hungry bugs (and, unfortunately, this does happen!).

What if I want something that you aren’t growing?

Please talk to us and we will either consider offering it or direct you to a local farmer who is!

When and how do I have to pay?

You must pay upon signing up. We offer payment via credit/debit card, or you may mail us a check.

Is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit is used to secure your place but it is not refundable. We use these up-front funds to pay for beginning of the season costs like seeds and seed-starting supplies. The deposit IS redeemable towards $125 of our produce.

What if I am not happy with my experience?

We certainly want this to be a positive experience for all of our members. If you are not happy, please let us know and we will work with you to make it right. Because farming depends on a lot of factors out of our control, some years are better than others. We strive to get our customers the food and experience they are after, but are always open to feedback and suggestion. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.