Welcome to Clarion Sage.

Whether you're sharing a family meal, providing snacks for your kids, or making a favorite recipe, one thing's for sure: the starting point for all these? Is good food.

Really good food. Really good, locally-grown, natural, chemical-free food. From a farm. From a place you can visit. A place your kids can connect with. A community you can share in.


2017 is a big year for us. We've married our CSA with the flexibility of our New Market program. You can now get our fresh produce when it fits your schedule. Even delivered, if you like.


Along with our new CSA Market Share, we will again offer plants for pre-order, our on-farm plant sale, and continue pop-up markets and sales through the Iowa Food Cooperative.


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Our space is more limited than ever as we will focus on a few specialty crops and put some of the ground in cover crops, to give it a season to rest and recoup from the past three years' of farming. Join Today.


Clarion Sage is a small farm space serving the Waukee area; offering old world heirloom produce grown naturally + sustainably. Discover the option that's a good fit for you. Fresh, local produce, from your own neighborhood.



CSA Market Share


Our revised version of Community-Supported Agriculture. Basically? You choose what produce you want, and when, based on what's available. Eating local has never been so convenient.

The Plant Sale

Buy Heirloom transplants for your garden

Jump-start your garden with unique plant varieties you won't find anywhere else. Order online + pick-up at the farm when you are ready to plant!



What’s in a name? Clarion speaks to the kind of soil on our farm, well-drained soil on uplands that formed in the glacial till–sediments left by glaciers settled over Iowa. It also has a more sentimental meaning; Jenn’s grandfather was born and raised in the small town of Clarion, Iowa on his family’s farm. After a World War II stint in the Navy, he was supposed to return to his hometown and farm for a living, but his parents’ health failed and the farm was sold. Naming our operation after his memory is a nod to the role he played in Jenn’s life and a connection with past Iowa/farming generations. Sage is an herb we all love; it is one of the first seedlings transplanted here when we arrived in August. Additionally, in our endeavor, we will heed the sage, or wisdom, of the past by using organic, low-impact methods of farming; methods that build up the soil, rather than deplete, by using seeds that have resulted from nature’s selection rather than the ‘technology’ of modern plant breeding, mulching to conserve water usage, and making fresh food available locally, as opposed to food that travels a thousand miles.


Originally from rural Missouri, Cody worked in various agronomic fields for over 20 years before finally settling in Iowa and raising two daughters. Aside from the work he does at Clarion Sage–from propagation to irrigation to harvest–he is also a writer and photographer, and bases his work from the farm. In his spare time he renovates the farmhouse, builds furniture, and sometimes runs marathons.


Jenn hails from the suburbs of Chicago (Evanston) and is completely and utterly food obsessed. It started with an interest in cooking (Once upon a time she was a food blogger & recipe columnist for Martha Stewart.); next thing she knew she was growing her own ingredients. She has worked on farms in rural Iceland, the city garden of Reykjavik, a CSA in Berkeley, California, a permaculture operation in the mountains of Costa Rica, and at various farms in Iowa and Missouri. She loves rare and interesting heirloom produce and has a desire to keep old varieties alive. When not digging in the dirt, Jenn likes really long naps, cooking Indian food, sharing meals, baking gluten-free, and the occasional thrift store excursion. Jenn was recently accepted into a beginning farmers program through Practical Farmers of Iowa.

Now nearly four years old, Tucker is a Scottish McNab, a herding breed. He loves farm life and is especially fond of pumpkins, Frisbee, and swimming in the pond


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Located at 32059 U Place, Waukee, IA 50003. We are two miles off I-80W, Ex. 117.

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