Wondering what a week in the CSA Market Share is like?

Email updates are sent weekly with a brief farm update and a listing of what is available. Occasionally, there is a week with limited choices, but generally, a week will have between 5-10 selections. We also offer eggs and other add-on products as there is interest and availability. Here are some examples from last year's program.


May 26, 2016:

  • Napa cabbage--$4.50/head
  • Green onions, $2/small bunch
  • Sage leaves, $3.50/bag
  • Spring flower jar featuring wildflowers and greens from around the farm in a glass jar, $6
  • Rhubarb, $3.50/bunch
  • Free-range farm-fresh eggs from Early Morning Harvest in Panora. Chickens are fed 100% non-GMO diet and eat mostly Certified Organic grains that the Hafners (owners) grow on their property! $4.50/dozen
  • Tomato + some herb transplants, $2/each, special price

July 14, 2016:

  • Elephant garlic bulb (aka 'colossal garlic'), $3/bulb
  • NEW: 'Music' regular-sized garlic, $1.75/bulb
  • SALE: Swiss Chard bundle, $2.50
  • Sage, $3/small bag
  • NEW: Yellow summer squash, $1.50/each
  • NEW: small head green cabbage, $3.50/head (limited quantity)
  • NEW: Basil, $3/bunch
  • Tomatoes (still quite limited qty on these), $3.50/lb
  • Green tomatoes, $2.50/lb
  • Eggs, $4.50/dozen*

August 25, 2016:

  • Lodi/Winesap apples (sprayed once with fungicide), $2.50/lb
  • Limited quantity of eating pears, $2/lb
  • Bosc pears, $3/lb
  • Garlic, $1.50/each bulb
  • Tomatoes, $3/lb
  • Grape/Small tomatoes, $3.50/pint
  • Green/yellow sweet bell peppers, $1/each
  • Mixed hot peppers, $2/bag
  • Cucumbers, $2/large or 2 small
  • Basil, $2/bunch
  • Parsley, $2/bunch
  • Eggs**, $4.50/dozen

September 29, 2016:

  • Greenings apples (These are an early Granny Smith--large, green, tart apples) (sprayed once with fungicide), $2.50/lb
  • Grade B Apples (good for juicing, canning, freezing), $0.75/lb
  • STOCK UP SALE! Garlic, $1/each bulb
  • SALE! Mini green/yellow sweet bell peppers, 4/$1
  • Mixed hot peppers, $2/bag
  • Habaneros, $2/bag
  • Sage, $2/bag
  • Butternut or spaghetti squash (limited qty), $3.50/each
  • Limited quantity: tomatoes (small-ish size), $3/quart
  • Tiny basil plant (must be grown indoors), $1
  • Limited: Zucchini for baking, $1/each
  • Limited: small cucumbers, 2/$1
  • Mini orange pumpkins (decorative only), $1/each